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High School Students In Lakewood Wait Once Again For SpaceX Rocket To Launch

CBS Denver

LAKEWOOD, Colo. (CBS4) – Students in the Principles of Engineering class for Warren Tech students at Lakewood High School will have to wait one more day to see their hard work launched into space.

SpaceX will try once again to launch its rocket from Cape Canaveral on Tuesday. With less than three minutes to go, Monday’s launch was canceled because of bad weather.

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The re-supply ship will fly to the International Space Station. On board the rocket is a hydrofuge designed by the high school students. The hydrofuge may solve the problem of growing plants in zero gravity.

(credit: CBS) (credit: CBS)

The students have been working on the project for years. It will be the fourth launch attempt on Tuesday.

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Wi-Fi, New Menu to Debut at Busch Stadium

CBS St. Louis

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – Sometime this season, you’ll be able to Instagram and Twitter to your heart’s content inside Busch stadium while eating a quadruple one-pound Gooey Burger.

Cardinals President Bill Dewitt says that Wi-Fi is soon to come at the stadium.

He says that wireless network should be available for fans sometime between the All Star Break and towards the end of the season.

There’s no further information when Busch Stadium might start accepting mobile tickets.

Cardinals Event Services’ Vicki Bryant revealed one of the stadiums’ new food items: the quadruple one-pound Gooey Burger, during the Charlie Brennan show.

Bryant says that the burger includes four patties and special gooey cheesy sauce. She adds that you need a big mouth, because it’s tall and good.

The Gooey Burger costs $18.75 making it the most expensive food item available at Busch this year.

Busch Stadium has new menu choices for…

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Missouri House OKs Broad Access to Heroin Overdose

CBS St. Louis

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) – Supporters say a measure to allow more access to an easy-to-use treatment for heroin and other opioid drug overdoses would save lives.

The Missouri House gave initial approval Monday to a bill that would allow pharmacists and pharmacy assistants to prescribe a drug that’s been effective in treating potentially fatal overdoses to anyone.

State law already allows emergency personnel and first responders to carry and administer the nasal spray, marketed as Narcan.

Republican Rep. Steve Lynch, of Waynesville, says parents and friends of addicts want broader access to the lifesaving drug.

He says in states where broader access has been approved and police carry the antidote, deaths from overdoses have dropped dramatically.

The measure faces another vote in the House before moving to the Senate.

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Manhattan Commuter Outraged After Wheelchair-Bound Woman Kicked Off Bus

CBS New York

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Some commuters are outraged after they say a city bus driver told a woman in a wheelchair to get off the bus.

“It was not just totally unnecessary, but really despicable behavior, malicious and vindictive,” said bus rider Alison Fahey.

Fahey told CBS2’s Tony Aiello she was at an Upper East Side bus stop Monday morning when her friend who uses a wheelchair tried to board an M31 bus, only to be told the fold-out ramp wasn’t working.

With knowledge born of past experience, the wheelchair user — who requested anonymity — asked the bus driver to pull on the strap that’s visible when the ramp is in its stored position.

“Nine times out of 10, if you simply grab the strap and pull up a few inches, that’s all it takes in order to get the lift functioning again,” she said. “There are certain drivers who will do…

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