A new award goes to… The MERCHANT!


Remember just one post ago I said I was gonna talk about donations? Well here it is.

Donations are really important, we all know that. We all know how it feels like when we really wanna attack someone and we keep requesting again and again and it seems that everyone ignores us completely.

We may all see the donation request and think to ourselves, “Don’t worry someone else will give..” Maybe that’s right but still this is something we should not be thinking. If we already have the troops ready, I hope and sincerely encourage us all to give.

Requesters, please don’t ask for the moon, keep your requests realistic. Donors, don’t feel disheartened if others request troops you can’t give yet, you will eventually get there. And as a new rule, I am officially now allowing donors to give the troops they have even if the requester asked for…

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