CBS2 Exclusive: West Milford Gas Station Accused Of Watering Down Fuel

CBS New York

WEST MILFORD, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — When you pay for gas, you expect to get 100 percent fuel, but that’s not the case at one New Jersey gas station.

As CBS2’s Matt Kozar reported exclusively, because of the compromised fuel, cars are breaking down and people are getting hit with expensive repair bills.

“All for a $20 fill-up. Cost me $1,700,” said Dina DiGirolamo.

DiGirolamo, a single mom, said she can’t afford the mechanic’s bill to fix her new car.

“They said it’s pretty bad. It was probably 95 percent water to gas,” she said.

When DiGirolamo filled up her Ford Focus Wednesday night at the Delta gas station on Route 23 in West Milford, she said she got mostly water in her fuel tank, not gasoline.

And she wasn’t the only one, Kozar reported. Jefferson Township police said they’ve received 10 complaints from drivers who stalled after gassing up at the same station.

So CBS2’s Kozar…

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