Marvin Gaye’s Family Sues Robin Thicke for ‘Blurred Lines’ Similarities

Eye Opener

Marvin Gaye's Family Sues Robin Thicke for 'Blurred Lines' Similarities

Besides the controversy over the nekked women in the unrated video and the overall vibe of degrading ladies,”Blurred Lines” by Pharrell, Robin Thicke, and T.I. has a whole other mess on its hands.

If you haven’t heard, it sounds similar to Marvin Gaye’s “Got to Give It Up”

As the trial continues, it seems Marvin Gaye’s family wants a chunk of the 16 million dollar profit from the song. If that wasn’t enough, they’re saying Robin Thicke ripped off Gaye again with his song “Love After War”.

Apparently it sound like Marvin Gaye’s “After the Dark”.

But back to major money maker, Blurred Lines.  Apparently Robin Thicke is trying to push everything off on Pharrel.  Time reports that Robin Thicke said Pharell wrote most the music and almost all of the lyrics, and Thicke also testified that he was drunk and high on Vicodin in the studio.

Granted he probably wasn’t drunk or high when…

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