Monday’s Music Box: Fly me to the moon…

A Prayer Like Gravity

…with Ms. O’Day…since the Music Box seems to be on a jazz kick lately.

A buddy recently shared (in another internet venue) the classic drum battle between Gene Krupa and Buddy Rich on the Sammy Davis, Jr. show which brought to mind a Verve release I have of Krupa and Rich which then brought to mind Anita O’Day who sang with the Gene Krupa band in the 40’s which then brought to mind one of the first jazz records I ever bought which was Anita singing with the Billy May Orchestra with Cal Tjader on piano which is a fabulous record and ALL this bringing and being brought sent me searching the yoobtube for what I could find.


So.  Here’s a great version of Fly Me to the Moon….

What class.

If you’ve never heard her sing before, you may notice a very unique quality to her voice due…

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