Newspaper Bag Station at Cardamom County

La Paz Group

??????????????????????????????? New member of PaperTrails stationed at Cardamom County

At Cardamom County, we have been working to get the local community involved through the group PaperTrails. PaperTrails helps provide jobs for people who could otherwise not get them. Raxa Collective has appreciated the way it involves the locals by providing work and  re-purposing old newspaper. For Raxa Collective they make gift bags out of recycled newspaper and sanitary bags from recycled paper. Now, we have a new member of the PaperTrails team stationed at Cardamom County. He is stationed on the second level of the Ayurvedic Center and makes bags for all the Raxa Collective properties.. We like this because now guests can engage with the paper bag initiative in a new way. They can see how they are made and learn to make them as well. 

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