Ecommerce Success, The Party People, Tell Us What Not To Do in Online Commerce

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Dominating their market, The Party People has Australia’s largest range of party supplies, balloons and costumes while keeping their customers very satisfied. A family owned operation, Dean Salakas quickly realised in 1998 that their traditional brick & mortar needed to keep up with the times by opening an online store as well. We sat down with him to figure out the key to their success.

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What was it like starting an ecommerce store in 1998?

Prior to 2000, most companies on the web had information sites and very few were selling online. Customers were not even aware companies were selling online at that time and hence they did not search online to purchase, they were searching online to get information about their purchase, find a business location or phone number. So when we started a project in 1998 to launch an ecommerce website, costing us $10,000, my mum’s business partner…

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