Senior Seminar Update- Solar Plate Images

The Darkstalker Girl

So far my Senior Seminar project has been going a bit slow. I just got my solar plates and now need to select which three photos I am going to use to burn into them. I already know I plan on layer the images and then drawing into them, it’s just a matter of figuring out which to layer and in what way.

I also have the option of cutting down the plates into six smaller pieces and printing my pictures that way and then drawing into them.

“sexy zombie rabbit”, costume for punk show

fantasy slave girl make up for bdsm dungeon

first “job killer” tattoos

my husband/owner and I

shared hotel room at Geeky Kink Convention, pre orgy

Impact play toys in hotel room

I want to focus on pictures taken by me, of my life to make the prints. The focus right now is mostly on images…

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