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lookwhatifoundWelcome to a new feature here on Food To Glow, “Look What I Found!” Friday.

I always love to know about other bloggers’ foodie finds – clever kitchen products, intriguing ingredients, homegrown produce, delectable goodies plucked from the local markets. Celia is the standard bearer for the “In My Kitchen” posts, so I hope she doesn’t mind if I join in.

Depending on what comes into my kitchen I hope to put together a monthly post combining what I’m growing (slug holes and all) and foraging, what I’ve found in the supermarkets and smaller independents/markets, what I’ve been sent to try, any gadgets that catch my fancy (and pass the ‘out and using’ test), and perhaps even tips that are making my cooking and blogging life easier. I might even try my hand at short videos if I can get my tripod to lock!

So, here goes! I hope you enjoy seeing what I have found.DSC_1408


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“Look What I Found” Friday


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