Mindless Action Mondays Sees One Too Many Bad Movies: ” Run All Night” and “The Gunman”

Rooster Illusion

mindlessactionmondaysBy Drew Parton

Since I didn’t review any new movies last week, I decided to do a bit of catch-up and do a double feature of  Run All Night (2015) and The Gunman (2015).

Warner Brothers PicturesWarner Brothers Pictures

Much like the action tropes of old, just when I thought I got done watching Taken clones, I’m pulled back in for another job. Run All Night stars Liam Neeson as retired mob hitman Jimmy “The Gravedigger” Conlon, and Ed Harris as his ex-boss and best friend Shawn Maguire. When things go awry, Liam Neeson ends up killing Ed Harris’s son to protect his own son, and Ed Harris swears revenge. Then there’s all kinds of attempted son killings. Now first off, both Neeson and Harris do well in this. That’s not to say that it’s good, I can throw a person into a lion pit and say “they’re doing well.”…

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