David Roberts’ top 13 greatest hits


Grist climate and energy writer David Roberts is leaving us after more than a decade on staff. He’ll be sorely missed. But we have 6,400 blog posts to remember him by. Here’s a baker’s dozen of our favorites.

• Climate change is simple: We do something or we’re screwed. This is Roberts’ much-loved TEDx talk, with extra insights sprinkled on top.

• Here’s why the Keystone fight isn’t pointless. The battle is about power, Roberts says, and the climate movement now has more of it than ever. And here’s more, on internal squabbles over Keystone and the virtues of being unreasonable on Keystone and what the climate movement should do next.

• The medium chill. Roberts describes his efforts to step off the “aspirational treadmill” and accept some material constraints in exchange for a life with more free time, relationships, and experiences. This is the post that ultimately…

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